Dolce Vita Testing Report

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We wanted to create a new style that balances aesthetic and function and is a lightweight playful alternative to our uber comfortable range.


Tester demographic

We called for volunteers and selected 15 testers from the UK and France. Diversity of the group in terms of size, age, lifestyle, previous exposure to Ms Pomelo was important.

We tested the style on the heaviest cups across all bands. 40% of testers were new to Ms Pomelo; and 93% had issues with finding a bra that fits well.

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Scope of testing

We asked the testers to put the bras through normal wear and give it 2-3 days before commenting. The reported activity included day at work by an osteopath (bending over, reaching upwards), brisk walking, doing a desk job, teaching, gardening, walking and playing with dogs, grooming horses, housework (floor washing), etc.


Testing criteria

We tested on sizing, shape, comfort, fit, and performance. We asked the testers to answer numerically, picking a number between 0 and 5, to convey their weakest (0/5) and strongest (5/5) sentiment. On the chart below your can see “5” presented by deeper hues of lilac, and “0” by light grey colour. In fact, you see a lot of deep lilac hues on the chart meaning testers agreed on key points. For example, 93% were ‘very happy’ and ‘happy’ with the shape, and 87% thought cups were true to size.Dolce vita ms pomelo test

Key take homes

Everyone was impressed with the natural rounder shape, the uplift, and the support this style delivered while keeping its delicate good looks.

Some seasoned Ms Pomelo wearers thought the cups felt a little tighter than usual and the bra would be great for special events but not as a 24/7 option.


33% of testers thought the lining could be swapped to cotton for the summer, if needed.

Desired colours: white, nude, pink, turquoise, dark red, purple, and black.


Verdict/ next steps

We are adding Dolce Vita to our main collection.

Working size scale: 34D-G, 36C-F, 38C-E, 40C-DD, 42C-D.

The newly produced batch in Sweet Lilac is on the website, see product page for details. Matching briefs – Krutta 145 – are expected by early June.

We are running off the testing collection in Nude and White colours; get in touch for available sizes.


If you have questions or comments on the product or would like to be our tester, please get in touch.