My Dear Friend,

I welcome you to Ms Pomelo. I specialise in making bras for fuller-chested women, who in my view have been shy of attention.

I believe that a great-fitting bra is the secret to looking and feeling amazing. Whether you are presenting at a meeting, carrying shopping and a child up the stairs, hiking, or going on a date, your bra should never hold you back. It should let you feel the freedom of comfort, confidence, and sexiness … we are modern women, after all.

Four out of five women do not know their bra size or how a bra should fit. Most wear an incorrectly-fitting bra, which leads to discomfort, insecurities, and can be unhealthy. I am here to provide education about bra health and to help you find the right bra for you. Indeed, I invite you to revive the tradition of sharing such valuable knowledge – from mother to daughter, friend to friend …

This knowledge is so important that I liken it to being one of the keys to our secret powers as women.



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Choose a Ms Pomelo bra and give yourself a daily joy
Our bras deliver on key functionality: they support heavier chests comfortably, all day long.