How Should I Choose the Correct Size for my Face Mask?

How to measure face mask size, Tutorial with Eye-Chin Distance Measurement Size Table, Tutorial with Weight Table for Face Maks size chart_MS Pomelo_Blog

The eye-chin distance measurement is the primary method for determining the correct mask size.

Step 1: Measure your eye-chin distance


  • Use a ruler to measure the vertical distance between the lower eyelid and your chin (see the photo).
  • If needed, use a mirror or engage help of a friend.
  • Compare your measurement to the size table below to find your recommended size.

Step 2: Cross-check results for your weight

If you are an average frame, the eye-chin distance measurement is sufficient. If you are heavier, check your weight and round the results one size up using the following table.

We make sizes Small through XXL. Features and details are available on our  face mask product page.