How to Care for Your Skin in the Décolleté Area

Décolleté is a beautiful French word meaning ‘wearing a low-neck dress’. It is also a word we use to refer to our upper chest. Today pretty much everyone has the routine of facial cleansing down. But how do we care for the décolleté area to keep it young and radiant? Here are some tips.

Clean Thoroughly

It is important to exfoliate the upper chest once or twice a week (go very gently around the the nipple area).
Use natural ingredients such as brown sugar mixed together with your cleansing cream. A miracle worker all-round, brown sugar contains glycolic acid that helps fight bacteria. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxyl acid and is an important agent in keeping your skin vivacious and healthy.
Brown sugar also supports the cell turnover and gives you younger- and fresher-looking skin by breaking down glue-bonded skin cells. It also helps improve sun damage and gives support to ageing skin.


Moisturising with lymphatic breast-massage movement toward your underarm area, gently massage with your nursing oil or cream. Those over 40, please use a firming cream for this area.
If you have time, make your own natural mask by mixing natural organic yoghurt with honey. Massage for 10 minutes or leave on for 10 minutes.

Support and Protect with a Good Bra

If you wear the right size clothes, then why not also wear the right size well-fitting bra? It will protect your décolleté and will also prolong your healthy confident looks.