Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

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Cause for Excitement

Men, buying lingerie for your woman, or indeed women, is dangerous business. If you are afraid, good—do it anyway—mistakes are important. And really there is nothing to fear, only cause for excitement. Think of it: you find a woman beautiful. Now why would you not want to see her body adorned with underwear designed expressly to A. make her feel sexy and comfortable (thereby giving her more confidence) and to B. seduce you, her man? Don’t say, ‘Because I want to see her naked.’ Whilst that is a major concern, we can do better. Imagine what such a gesture of love from you will do to her, and in course to you …

Use Spy Skills: Which Shop, Style, Fabric, Fit, Size …

So visit her favourite shop. Talk to the saleswomen or read the reviews. Don’t be an ass. Develop your tastes and know hers. Why do you like/dislike that bra over another, and why would she? For instance my woman objects to balconette bras, and I can picture the slight disappointment behind her joy were I to offer her another red or black bra. And what about knickers? Think about materials; cotton, silk, various synthetics or mixtures. Geek out and get to know the styles available … And finally to the very lynchpin of all this effort. Get the size right. Here you get to use your spy-like cunning, rummaging in drawers as she bathes.

Prepare to Be Surprised

Or perhaps choose the gift together; that way she will try on items for your approval, and you would be pleased by the surprises that may come out of this. Even consider having a proper fitting. It’s shocking how many women don’t wear their true size and don’t know the dangers it poses to their health. In any case be bold and if it helps remember that you may get to undress her.