What does knowing your bra size and your confidence have in common?

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Bra size knowledge = confidence: Ms Pomelo and The Rosies TV get together to flesh it out

At Ms Pomelo we believe knowledge gives confidence. In our interview with The Rosies TV we discuss our bra health education and how it empowers women to confidently choose bras themselves rather than relying on others. This has become especially relevant in this time of epidemic bra health illiteracy and the bleak retail experience available to UK consumers.

Knowledge is simple and is available through our free workshops …

We talk about how our workshops give one-on-one tutorial; about how the knowledge can be used anytime and anywhere, ready for the ever-changing female body.

it helps to revive family traditions and promotes social engagement …

We also talk about traditions. The knowledge we teach revives the tradition of sharing and fostering relations with family and friends as it encourages socialising.

Our materials and workshop events go beyond the basics of bra size and fit. We help women to feel beautiful. We offer inspirational stylist guidelines, health and beauty tips, and fun life hacks such as where and how to show off your bust …

… and there is always the free Fit Kit option

Another unique feature of our education is our Fit Kits. We ship free Fit Kits which allow you to accurately measure bra size and touch the materials the bras are made of.

Feel the power!

We empower our customers and the people who work with us. We discuss our ethical 100%-European value chain and we talk about small family-run suppliers who take as much pride in their work as we do in ours.

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