Rhododendron Launch Report

The concept

With this bralette, we aimed to create a dainty, pretty alternative to a bra, something  that is meant to be seen.

To make it a shapely and supportive experience for fuller busts, we gave it nylon lining and underwires.

The style is ideally suited for naturally robust shapes with forward projection.



The testing

The bralette has gone through thorough testing. We enrolled testers in bands 32 through 44 to test our 40 samples. The testing for bands 32 to 38 is now complete.  Testing for bands 40+ is still on-going.



What our testers say (testers’ names are changed)

Anna, 40+ yo, mother of 3, 36F: “for someone who totally dislikes underwires, I like this one and I can wear it all day… breathable … good shape under t-shirts.”

Mary 35+ yo, 36F: “I was surprised by how well it fit … It kept a lovely shape, stayed put and it didn’t ride up my back etc…  I think this might be a special occasion sort of bra for me – something to feel girlier in, perhaps under a dress, for a few hours. Ladies who are less than F cup might be able to wear it daily.”

Fiona 55+ yo, 34F: “I feel secure … the straps are quite thin, as is the band, so I thought it might not hold the weight of my breasts, but it did. It is very comfortable to wear, and looks lovely. I feel good in it! …. The shape is not as perky as a normal bra, so the whole shape is a bit flatter in fitted clothes.”

Helga 32 yo, 34DD: “It’s been 3 weeks. I wear it non-stop. It is the most comfortable set I have. I don’t even feel it on.”

Latisha 40+ yo, 34DD, recently finished breastfeeding: “very supportive and secure bra, I was surprised at the thin straps and thought that might be uncomfortable, but it wasn’t. I can wear it during first half of the day – then it becomes itchy for me in some places. This would be my favourite sexy bra …”




We used dead stock lace throughout the collection. Dead stock is highly versatile, experiment-friendly, ideal for small batches, and produces limited edition pieces.

It’s also environmentally friendly: instead of wasting away in a warehouse somewhere, the lace gets a new lease on life.

We will make each set to order in the interest of sustainability. The product is manufactured in our factory in Liepaja, Latvia.



The technicals 

Size scale (UK)
Bralettes: 30D-F, 32C-F, 34B-F, 36A-F, 38A-E, 40B-D
Knickers: 10-20


Larger sizes (36E/F, 38E, and up) are strengthened for adequate support. We adopted a standard bra’s shape at the back  (think taller power-mesh wings)  and included stretch stoppers in the cups.
















The name

We called it “Rhododendron” after the flower. It is delicate and frilly, comes in a myriad of colors, and blossoms anywhere, from China to Berkshire to Washington State.


Drumroll ….


Meet Rhododen-One (the bralette) and Rhododen-Two (the knickers).

We offer our Rhododendrons in 5 colorways:

  • Cocktail Black
  • Garnet Chevron
  • Frida’s Choice
  • Sea Froth
  • Lilac Charcoal

Cocktail Black, Garnet Chevron, and Frida’s Choice are available in all sizes.

Sea Froth and Lilac Charcoal are available in sizes 30F / 32E / 34DD / 36D / 38C / 40B and smaller.
















It is now available on our website.

Prices: bralette £35, briefs £15.


We are pleased to offer 20% off on sets to first 10 customers. Use coupon “Rhododendron”.