Roman Holiday Testing Report


The idea was to create a dressy chic alternative to our everyday styles like Bra du Jour. We intentionally went for this lightweight nylon-lined option. We have worked with this style before and wanted to see how the UK audience would respond to it.

Tester demographic

We called up volunteers and selected 12 testers from the UK.

It was important for us to work with a diverse group, some of whom had previous exposure to Ms Pomelo. We wanted to test heavier cups in all band sizes, and it was also important for us to work with individuals who experienced challenges in finding a bra that fitted well. 42% of our testers were new to Ms Pomelo; and 92% had challenges in finding a well-fitting bra. This is why we feel our tester group was well suited for the exercise.

What kind of testing did we do?

We asked the testers to put the bras through normal wear. Some are health professionals with the NHS, some are office workers, and some have involving housework that includes gardening and looking after animals. We asked the testers to wear the bras for 7 days before commenting.

Key testing criteria

We primarily focussed on delivering the shape and the support, with maximum comfort possible for the nylon-lined cups.

Testing criteria included sizing (is it true to size?), shape, comfort, fit (including fit under clothes), and performance. We asked the testers to answer numerically, picking a number between 0 and 5 with zero being their least- and 5 being most- accurate sentiment. On the chart below your can see “5” presented by deeper hues of lilac, and “0” by light grey colour. For example, in responding to question Is the band true to size? 50% of testers felt a strong ‘Yes’, and 33% gave it a 4 out of 5 ‘Yes’, and 17% – agreed less.

The following chart lists some of the testing questions. We are pleased to see the chart reflects strong positive sentiment for all categories and interpret the results as indication of future success for the style.

ms pomelo roman holiday testing criteria


Testers unanimously commended the natural round well-defined shape and forward projection. They also were impressed with the support the bra delivered given its lightweight structure.

Wish list

33% of testers thought the lining could be swapped to cotton while the rest felt the nylon should stay as it makes the style lightweight. We are keeping nylon for now and will look into cotton-lined option later in the year.

In terms of colours, tester wish list included white, nude, pink, red, blue, and black.

Verdict & next steps

We are adding the style to the main collection. Working size scale: 34D-H, 36C-G, 38C-F, 40C-E, 42C-DD.

Over the summer we released 4 colours – Azalea, Black, Island Paradise, and Turquoise & Lime – all with the beautiful La Perla lace. They are available on our product page.


If you have questions or comments on the product or would like to be our tester, please get in touch.