What is a well-fitting bra?

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A well-fitting bra… a million-dollar question

What is a well-fitting bra? It’s a million-dollar idea. Everyone has heard about it, very few have experienced it, and most prefer to discuss how uncomfortable their own bras are. For the next few weeks we will be sharing with you the critical bits of knowledge which will enable you to experience a perfect bra fit and give you the confidence to choose one for yourself without relying on anyone else. Feel the power!

The bra size reading isn’t everything

The foundation of any fit is the size. The size reading isn’t everything, but it’s a good starting point to get you to the perfect fit. It is essential to use the correct technique when measuring band size – this is where most mistakes are made. Work with a mirror and a partner and keep the tape measure parallel to the ground. Our tutorial will help you do this correctly.

3 Pillars of bra fit: the band, the straps, and the cups

The 3 pillars of the fit are: the band, the straps, and the cups. While all three are covered in our tutorial and video (click below), some bits deserve a special mention.

Insights for fuller bust: make it or break it with the band

The band will make or break the fit as it provides 80% of the support. It should fit snug yet comfortable enough to wear all day. A handy test is to run 2 fingers from the middle back to the side. Wearing a band that is too loose or too tight has bad effects on your health. We often see bloggers accepting a tight bra band for a desirable look. We wish they didn’t do this. A sure sign that the band is right is when the centre gore sits close to the sternum (chest bone) without protruding. Remember, a size is a reflection of your circumference. It is primarily designed to allow healthy blood flow and oxygen circulation.

The magic straps

The straps are where the magic happens. They have sliders at the back to adjust their length and give your breast a wonderful projection. While it varies culture-by-culture, the accepted UK beauty standard is the forward projection. Your nipple line should land somewhere in the middle of your upper arm. Another idea behind this is called “the drop” by stylists. It’s about following the proportions of your clothes to look well dressed.

The wires are to give you support, not to stab you in the heart

Lastly the underwires – also known as sneaky heart-stabbers. They give you more support. And they must not interfere with your breast tissue, but hold your breasts like a cradle. Good craftsmanship usually prevents irritating points, but it does help to follow a bra’s care instructions.

Who is the boss? You are

You are the boss when it comes to judging the comfort of your own bra. Your bra is not just something you look pretty in while lounging in your boudoir. You wear it all day every day, so besides the looks the function is key, especially for fuller busts. Strike a few poses and try the activities you normally do. Try your bra with clothes on. How does your favourite T-shirt or work blouse look with it? Do the seams show? Are your nipples covered? Can you lean forward and be confident your breast will not pop out? Are you comfortable with the feel and the looks? If it feels good and it looks good – it is good.

And if this still does not work …

If you are still not satisfied with the result, we run regular bra fitting workshops in London and would be happy to see you there.